This isn’t a faceless organization! Jackson Jackpot was founded in late 2022 by me, Eloise. (The human not the duck.)

At Jackson Jackpot every play contributes to charity! 🎲🤝

We believe in the power of giving back, and we’ve designed a unique platform that combines the thrill of winning with the joy of supporting those in need. 

Why Did I Found Jackson Jackpot?

The story behind the building of Jackson Jackpot is one filled with passion, purpose and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. It was also a complete accident! I used to wax fannies for a living and through a combination of luck and fate my destiny changed forever! My driving force has always been a unique blend of craziness and compassion. I believe in the power of dreams and the magic of generosity so I channeled these to create something special. I  understood that this venture would be more than just a business’; it would become a conduit for spreading happiness and supporting meaningful causes.

How to Play?

Create an Account:  Sign up for a free account. It’s a quick and easy process that will get you one step closer to the action.

Browse Competitions: Once you’re logged in, explore the variety of competitions available on the website. You can enter draws securely and hassle free from as little as 1p!

Choose Your Competition: Pick the competition that catches your eye and click on it for more details. You’ll see information about the prizes, cost, main draw date and any additional information.

Win Amazing Prizes: You can win INSTANTLY if your ticket matches an instant win ticket, you can also win more prizes if your entry is selected during the main draw!

Make a Difference: At Jackson Jackpot, you’re not just playing for personal gain; you’re also contributing to charitable causes. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting various charitable initiatives, making your play even more meaningful.

Which Charity do you donate to?

We believe in empowering our players to make a difference, that’s why we were the first competition site to create a unique feature that allows our players to choose the charities they want us to support!

To suggest a charity or a cause you’re passionate about supporting, simply head over to our vibrant Facebook Group and view our featured Charity Suggestions board.

How are the winners picked?

At Jackson Jackpot, fairness and compliance with regulations are of utmost importance when selecting our winners. We’ve implemented a transparent and secure process to ensure that all participants have an equal and fair chance of winning, while adhering to the necessary legal guidelines.

Here’s how we do it:

Random Draw System: Our winners are selected through a random draw system, which is computer-generated and completely impartial. We use advanced algorithms and certified software to ensure that the draw is truly random and cannot be influenced by any external factors.

Licensed and Regulated: Jackson Jackpot operates with proper licenses and complies with all applicable gambling regulations and laws in the jurisdictions where we operate. This includes adhering to age restrictions and responsible gambling practices.

Independent Audits:

We may conduct independent audits to validate the integrity of our draw system and ensure that it remains unbiased and fair. These audits are performed by reputable third-party organizations to maintain transparency and accountability.

Clear Terms and Conditions: Before participating in any competition, players are provided with clear and comprehensive terms and conditions. These outline the rules of the game, eligibility criteria, prize details, and other essential information. We ensure that all participants understand the rules before they enter any competition.

No Insider Information: Jackson Jackpot strictly prohibits employees, staff members, and their families from participating in any competitions to avoid any potential conflicts of interest or insider advantage.

Public Live Draws: To maintain transparency and engage our community, we conduct live draws every Monday and Thursday. These live draws are accessible to everyone through our Facebook Group, allowing participants to witness the random selection process in real-time.

Winners Notification: Once the draw is complete, winners are notified through their registered contact information. We take the utmost care to ensure that all winners are promptly and accurately informed of their prize.

Prize Delivery: Prizes are delivered to the winners as outlined in the terms and conditions, ensuring that they receive their rewards in a timely and efficient manner.

At Jackson Jackpot, we are committed to creating a fair and responsible gaming environment, where players can enjoy the excitement of competitions with confidence in the integrity of our draw system. Our dedication to compliance and transparency ensures that each player’s journey with us is enjoyable, secure, and, most importantly, fair.